IVR Virtual Number

Super Office Virtual Number IVR service can be used by your executives where ever he/ she is located Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad anywhere in India. Super Office is top IVR service provider in Noida, Delhi virtual number customers can use interface with our cloud IVR System. Customer’s experience uninterrupted flow calls in IVR which helps them to track incoming and outgoing calls.

In case a caller can’t wait for long time, IVR automatically saves call and their phone number calls them back. IVR virtual number can place a call on hold until your next executive is available. IVR Super office application can also schedule call back within the IVR phone system. At the customer’s requested time, calls will be automatically routed. IVR Interactive Voice Response Data can be integrated to CRM which helps in analysing calls. Mesha Media IVR systems allow you to access your customer data at the click of a mouse.

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