How it Works

Your Super Office!

In today’s Competitive Business World many organizations need excellence in communicating to their clients and provide good customer service. Super Office can help you to provide reliable, robust and efficient Customer support to your client and helps in retention and generate new business opportunities. Super Office IVR is a computerized telephony voice platform; it automates various customer services and gives much needed control to the end user.

If a client calls your Super Office number, call lands on your system and the caller is greeted with a welcome message as per your business need. Next the Super Office asks the caller to input, what does he/she require? The caller assesses options – marketing, voicemail or fax – and can input the desired option, action would be automatically executed by Super Office. We have installed numerous IVR in Delhi, Noida, Gurugaon, Ghaziabad and across India.

Inbound Calls

It is easy to distribute calls to the desired departments you want in Super Office, simple method of creating marketing, finance, Customer Service and more – each department with their independent extension. The Super Office takes the input and directs the caller to the concerned department immediately. A notifications is sent through SMS and Email for corroborating the time and receipt of calls. Each and every call landing on your Super Office system is recorded and automated into the lead management system.

Out Bound Calls

Call your customers and vendors by making outbound calls through Super Office or Click to call option. Your personal number remains personal, and yet, anytime a customer calls you back, it connects to you. Calls are recorded and viewable on a unified dashboard.

You’re Voicemail Calls

Even if your organization receives numerous calls all of a sudden you needn’t have to worry about missing important calls because Super Office will save and store them. The caller can record his/her voicemail, a message is sent to your email allowing you to call back.